Failure is not final

10 Apr

Winston Churchill once said, 'Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.'

For many people, the fear of failure cripples any hopes and dreams of doing something great and world changing.

Today, stop allowing the fear of failure limit your dreams. Many of the worlds greatest influencers failed many times. Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest leaders our great country has known, was also one of the greatest failures. In 1831 he lost job. In 1832 he was defeated for state legislature. In 1833 he suffered a failed business. In 1835 his sweetheart died. In 1836 he had a nervous breakdown. But he would not allow his past defeats hinder his dreams. He pressed on and became one of the founding fathers of this great country.

Your ATTITUDE will always limit your ALTITUDE!

Failure is never final! Your are either winning or learning! never losing! 

Stay hungry and do things today that nobody else will do, and tomorrow you will be able to do things nobody else can do. 

There is no magic pill for success! Success comes from staying in the race, planning your work, and working your plan!

Stay hungry! Dream Big!

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