23 Apr

Popularity......Everybody wants to be liked..Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated...But, we all will learn in the journey of life that popularity is a moving target. As soon as we please some people, someone else won't approve. Then, once you please those people, someone else will not approve. It is a tiresome, never-ending circle.

Great leaders, in their pursuit of goals, purpose, and mission, focus very little on crowd approval. They understand that there are three types of people on the train of life. Some people get on the train for a SEASON, which means they are along for the ride for a short time to bring added value for a season, then they get off. Other people Gert on the train for a REASON, which means they will be along for the ride for a short time to fulfill a specific reason for your journey, then leave. Finally, there are those few folks that are along for the ride for the duration. They are the LIFERS. These folks are with you every step of the way. The only problem is we don't know who is who when they get on the train.

Today, stay focused on your mission, purpose and calling, and enjoy every season, and everyone who is along for the ride!

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