21 Apr

Yesterday......We can never change it. It is etched in the history bank of time forever. No matter how many times we try to go back and revisit yesterday and replay it, it will never change.

Many people will never move forward to their destiny because they keep their focus in the rear view mirror of yesterday. Wether it be past victories that one is trying to relive, or a troubled past they are trying to change, the past is exactly that.....the can never be changed.

Great leaders turn their focus from the rear view mirror of their lives and focus forward out the windshield of their future. It is a bit ironic that the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror, isn't it? That is because your future is bigger than your past.

Successful people learn from their past, then apply it to their future. Past victories, what strategies helped you achieve them? Past defeats, what lessons need to be learned and not repeated?

Today, focus forward! Your future is brighter than your past!

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